Biophavia is a Swedish search consultancy acting on the Nordic market specializing in recruitment, executive search, selection, assessment and sourcing of entrepreneurial driven and innovative human capital within the Life Science sector and Health Care industries. We also offering operative HR consultancy and involvement in Change management processes.


Our main objective is to provide institutions, operating to improve living conditions for millions of people by discovering and developing novel medicines, medical innovation and commercializing of new drugs, with innovative thinking expertise and agile solutions for a thriving growth.


Lena Eek - Owner, CEO and Executive Consultant

Founder of Biophavia.  Prior to Biophavia , Lena has gained 15 years strategic and operational experience in recruitment, executive search and human resources management , most recently at an executive search firm.  Her recruitment career started with Ecta Resources in 1999. In 2000 she was appointed Human Resource Manager for a fast growing venture cap responsible for building HR structure. Since 2005 she is focusing Life Science and Health Care providing specialized expertise into Medical & Clinical, Sales & Marketing departments, from board members to staff. As Head Nordic team and Senior consultant she has built business units, relations and bridges with Nordic countries, establishing a broad network of Life Science professionals.  

Lena has over her career gained extensive experience in origination and execution of single to large scale projects. A significant share of these projects has been initiated on an International level by pharmaceutical, biotech, biopharmaceuticals, medical technology, medical device and health care corporations within EMEA.  

Lena Eek has obtained her M Sc from the University of Stockholm and Uppsala. She has studied International relations and is examined a Management program at the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences. She is licensed in several assessment tools for personality and cognitive testing, certified

a physiology education and has attended a college program in the US. 




Enabling us to undertake large scale assignments and complex projects, we engage experts and specialists versed in that particular area. We build our view of transparency and in collaborations across borders to obtain maximum outcome. 



Biophavia - name and business concept

The name Biophavia is formed due to the belief in biological substances as a basis of research into innovative medicines.

BIO means Biography in terms of life story OR Biological in terms of original, in terms of genes; the total DNA in a cell. PHA is an abbreviation of the word pharmaceutical division or pharma company which in turn is short for pharmaceutical industry.  VIA means the road through. Noun of the adverb through is genome. The human genome is the complete set of genetic information for humans, the genetic code.


With one’s own genetic code, professional history and life story, each human being feature unique and special skills. Biophavia does, based on predefined client objectives, identify that potential within the human capital market (of medical and health professionals). By investing in targeted search via us your organization will reach enhanced results and a sustainable growth.


Biophavia does identify the potential within the human capital market supporting Life Science and HC industries with quality talent through its Services. Biophavia also combines its business strategy providing support, advisory and solution of Human Resources and Change Management design.




Biophavia is committed to diversity of thinking style and culture benefiting life science and health care industry, equality of opportunity, fairness, work and lifestyle balance, transparent management behavior, mutual respect and inclusion of all associates, fostering a collaborative work environment delivering outstanding results.





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