Organizations are complex cultural eco-systems which require an integrated approach to different areas such as strategic planning, leadership development, innovation, diversity and work-life balance.

Biophavia have a look at present state to identify the organizations current financial, cultural, leadership ratio as well as its functions and processes. Are the units integrated, are there any obvious obstacles that prevent the organization being successful?


We identify organization’s objectives, what it will achieve with a change and accomplish for sustainable growth. We review the change process, carrying through and tools needed.


We investigate by the method Organizational Design. We are taking the pulse on the company looking at corporate culture, work environment, leader style behavior, organizational structure, existing processes, impact and influence etc. Hence Organizational Design is far more than just process and structure. It is at its essence aligning values, talent, culture, and strategy with the vision and mission of the enterprise. Organizational Design is a systemic approach, which embraces the entire ecosystem of an organization, and has much more to do with working across segments to optimize span of awareness and influence rather than working up and down segments to optimize control.

Biophavia will then, in conjunction with management, propose a smooth transition for a better approach and efficiency to achieve a thriving and flourishing organization.




A good corporate strategy is evolving and must be able to anticipate and accommodate change. As an enterprise you have to demonstrate you care about the world, the key to optimizing performance, to create sustainable growth. Sustainability must be embedded into a company's culture. Firms that are able to connect employees' personal values with the organizational vision and mission are more likely to successfully implement a culture that values and reinforces sustainability.

Biophavia will realize the changes referring core values, strategic vision, business model and corporate culture driving implementation of new process and structure engaging employees and line management.





Stabilization and surveillance of performed turnaround. Biophavia will follow implementation of change and result achieved.



What you want is a thriving organization capable of attracting, developing and retaining the best talent, then you need to develop an organization that fully embraces the power of creating a culture of leadership. If true leadership is about influence, then influence is about relationships, and relationships are about the investments made into people.

As a leader, nothing is more valuable than the quality of your relationships. Whether you realize it or not, your success in business  will largely be dependent upon your ability to not only establish key relationships, but in your ability to influence and add value to your relationships. Leadership isn’t about a person, but a complex ecosystem of meaningful relationships.

You cannot be an effective leader without understanding the how to effectively communicate across a wide array of internal and external constituencies. The key is span of awareness and span of influence, not span of control. (M.Myatt)



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